Agile Governance Demystified

The Foundation of Agile Governance

Managing Flow in an Agile Governance Model

  • Portfolio teams running epics through something like corporate governance phase gates. Let’s call them Gates 1–4.
  • The Program teams are running featured through a Kanban-style board also. We tend to think about the various statuses as analysis, design, build, test, and deploy.
  • The Feature/Services teams are working off a more traditional Kanban framework; not started, in process, done.

Decomposition in Scaled Agile Governance

Dealing with Bottlenecks

  1. Elevate it by throwing more money or people at the problem.
  2. Subordinate the system to it and have the work move slower
  3. Exploit it by having the Program teams build part of the solution

Agile Works If You Work It



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