• Catherine Juon

    Catherine Juon

    Founder, Beyond Startup. Author, Internet Marketing Start-to-Finish. Luv my hubby, 2 kids, Detroit, economic development, triathlons, Red Cross, biotech, more!

  • Julien Dassonval

    Julien Dassonval

    Digital Executive Producer / We talk about #digitalproduction #projectmanagement #ux #mobile #code #design

  • Bruno García Echegaray

    Bruno García Echegaray

  • Danish J

    Danish J

    Software Developer, trying to share some brain dump in no particular order 😀

  • Albert Valiente

    Albert Valiente

    Active Listener | Lifelong Learner | Agile Activist | Sustainability Practitioner | QA Strategist

  • David Sabine

    David Sabine

    Agile Business Coach, Technologist, Dad, Musician, Concerned Citizen

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