Getting Your Leaders on Board With Agile Transformation

Recorded By Dave Prior

This week’s video podcast was created as a response to a question we were recently asked by some of our CSM/CSPO course students. This one is for all the team members and Scrum Masters, the people on the ground who see why Agile could make a huge difference in their entire organization but just don’t have the title or agency to sign the contracts to make it happen.

What they wanted to know is: How does someone who isn’t at contract-signing level create a conversation where they can get the leaders above them to be open to Agile Transformation?

Dave and Mike will unpack the answer, including discussion on how to hone in on what executives care about and value, and some important questions to ask yourself about the organization and its goals before you start the conversation. They’ll share tips on how to craft the right kind of conversation to get leaders to understand why Agile Transformation is worth doing.

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Contacting Mike Cottmeyer

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Contacting Dave Prior

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If you have a question you’d like to submit for an upcoming podcast, please send them to Dave.

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About Dave Prior:

Dave Prior has been leading technology projects and teaching individuals and teams how to manage their work for over 20 years. During his time working in IT, Dave has managed projects, programs, PMOs and portfolios and he has been working with Agile methodologies since 1999…Read More.

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