How to Track Progress During Agile Transformation

Expeditions and Basecamps

Measuring Progress Across Teams




Measuring Delivery Organization Progress

The Most Important Metrics

Transformation Metrics

Performance Metrics

  1. Create hypotheses around the organizational characteristics that we think are going to create and the leading and lagging indicators that line up to those characteristics.
  2. Run experiments to put those constructs into the organization.
  3. Measure their performance to demonstrate that the changes that we made are delivering the performance characteristics that we want, or not.
  4. If the changes we made are not working, we need to identify the things in our system that have to be changed to improve performance and figure out what we want to do to optimize the system so that we find the metrics we want to measure.

Agile is the Goal




The Path to Agile Transformation Starts Here |

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The Path to Agile Transformation Starts Here |

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