UCD and Enterprise Business Agility

  1. Understanding the needs of users — understanding what the most important problems are from the point of view of users; organizing market segments into personas, etc.
  2. This is mostly “off-stage” work which affects the quality of the artifacts which move through the system. {Awesome client} has typically taken an agency-approach to all of this work — development of personas, primary research. The system of delivery accounts for including the necessary aspects and insights through the activities, definitions of done, and the training around how to facilitate discussions — primarily with portfolio teams.
  3. Developing design approaches — collaborating to develop the design approaches for how we choose to solve the problems we choose to solve.
  4. In this case, the System of Delivery explicitly accounts for all of the activities of designing and selecting solution approaches in the solution definition and solution design phases. Design participation is integral to effective cross-functional team collaboration at both the portfolio and product tiers.
  5. Evaluative research — gathering the signals, synthesizing them, and learning from them to enable us to course-correct our approaches as we discover our mistakes.
  6. In this case, we identified-particularly in the context of the globalization of evaluative research practices and the partnership with in-market product owners-the key learning-opportunity points within the System of Delivery, where targeted research is appropriate.
  1. Understanding needs — (a) empathy (b) define © prototype
  2. Designing approaches — (b) define © prototype (d) test (e) implement
  3. Evaluative research — (d) test (e) implement



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