What is Agile Transformation?

Written by LeadingAgile

When we talk about Agile Transformation, are we talking about process changes or implementing methodologies like Scrum and SAFe? Or are we thinking it’s more about culture and getting a new way of thinking to spread throughout the teams and organization? Usually people think it’s one or the other. But the answer is actually neither — if you want a successful Transformation that doesn’t fail, that is.

Successful Agile Transformation requires more than a culture or methodology and process shift because neither of these things will work if you don’t have the right underlying ecosystem to support them.

Agile processes require a certain context to be effective. And unless that exists, you may be able to Transform a team or a few teams, or a few projects, but Business Agility across the entire organization takes more.

But this ecosystem doesn’t exist in most organizations.

In this video we uncover the three things that must be present in order for an Agile Transformation to have the ability to actually succeed.

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